At the dawn of the hot rod age, a handful of innovative gear heads in hopped-up roadsters streaked across Southern California dry lakebeds in a quest for speed and glory. Those lakebeds eventually became test sites for top secret rocket planes that set long standing speed records. Now the style that started with those early hot rods has come full circle.

The as cast finish is media blasted to a smooth satin finish which is perfect for the hot rod, rat rod with perfect patina or Belly Tank Lakester. These 5 window wheels originally were called mag wheels because the original construction was magnesium. The traditional styling of the Rocket Igniter will be available in Polished, Gray, and as cast finishes.

Available in the following finishes – Gray/Machined, Fully Polished and As Cast. In **As Cast Finishes may very slightly. Incredibly Priced, Compare and Save!

RPM is committed to producing cutting-edge alloy wheels through performance and innovation with the highest quality standards to enhance the performance and appearance. The ultimate result is that your ride will get noticed at the next cruise-in or car show.